Thursday, 12 November 2015



“From now on, I will not allow my inner peace to be disturbed by any circumstances caused by any event or people outside of my control. I will only hold myself responsible for what I have said and done.” James Oh.

Whether someone says something rude or does something that's inappropriate, I must tell myself that these actions reflect on who they are. I will not waste my precious time to argue with them unless they are willing to listen. I rather use this time for other fruitful task. Time is precious. The lesson I learned is never irritated by matters that beyond your control. 

So, why not take advantage of time we normally waste by practicing your critical thinking? Never allow those negative thinking frustrate you or drain out your energy unnecessary. Ask yourself if you had to repeat today what would you do differently?

Why? Did I do anything today to further my long term goals? What would you have accomplished if you spent your time daily this way for your past years?  

Is this the way you handle it? Or do you ever get worked up, frustrated or bothered? I know that it is very easy to get distracted by the wrong things and other people's inappropriate behaviour. Worst still, they may pass comment not appropriate for human being.

However, you don't have to mind their business, especially if they are adults. Just pray for them, that is the best you can do. Do not enter into their trap and lower yourself.

I decided to share this technique with you today because it has been truly helpful to me. It keeps my inner peace, no matter what is happening around me. Staying focused on what I dreamed or destined to be is far more important for me. Always remember that we are the captain of our hearts and souls. 

There's nothing better than maintaining my inner peace. It keeps me feeling cool, focusing on the goals, and moving in the direction I set for myself.  

Stay tuned and I will share with you more on the steps you can take if you truly want to accomplish your personal, financial and professional goals or dreams you have for your life.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to make changes to who you want to be.

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