Sunday, 15 November 2015


Greetings from PJ,

Have you ever heard James Oh speak live or read his articles on Growing Your Wealth Exponentially in Smart Magazines?

If not, this is your chance. James Oh will upload his interview with a local famous blogger cum financial expert soon. He is no other than Mr. KC Lau who had initiated this activity on his own accord. KC Lau’s articles are regularly featured in numerous local financial magazines.

You can click to listen to the above interview.

James Oh will also provide public speaking in the forthcoming month, Dec 2 at the Royal Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. He can’t thank the event organizer enough for the confidence and trust they had placed on him.

During his talk, James will share some useful and less painful tips to better manage your financial affairs. He will share with you as how you can use your intuition as GPS to navigate and chart your personalized path to obtain your financial success.

Congratulation to those who had already used their intuition to achieve their financial success, you are welcome to share, exchange your real experience and enrich yourself.

For those have yet to tap into this powerful genius to build trust in their intuition, this is the opportunity you can’t afford to miss. It is never too late for you to develop one of your most important areas in their life, if not the most important. The good news for you is that it is a learn-able skill. It may lead you to success, prosperity, and your well-being once you have unleashed your potential.

Did you know that using your intuition can assist you to capitalize on opportunities arising from this rapidly changing world?  In fact, it is much in need as we enter unknown territories.

During this talk, you’ll also learn how to internalize yourself with responsible financial behavior so as to better handle your personal financial affairs. Best still, you will be guided on how to tap into your intuition to attain your financial success.

You’ll walk away with insight on how James used intuition to re train his brain for success. You also will learn how to overcome the barriers and take advantage of your natural talent to excel in your business and life using 4 Bs approach.

And let’s not forget, there will also be a Live Q&A Session—this will be your opportunity to directly ask James the most pressing questions on how financial literacy can fulfill your dream.  All the info you need will be delivered directly to you during the talk if time permits.

We look forward to seeing you. Don’t wait! Come and discover how to tap your potential.

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