Friday, 20 November 2015


Do you always ask yourself the following questions? I do.

1.      Am I heading towards the right direction in life?
2.      Am I clear as to how I am going to build a life for myself that would have meaning and purpose that matters most to me?
3.      Am I going to take full responsibility for myself without blaming others?
4.      Is my check book on life support?
5.      Am I struggling financially and scraping through with barely enough for my normal bills and debts?

I would like to congratulate those whose answers to all the above questions are negative. For those who are affirmative then this is the appropriate site for you.

Well, it’s been more than seven years since I first wrote articles that can condition my mind in living an extraordinary fulfilling life. I must confess that I am very fortunate to be transformed at my second part of my life during my darken days when I lost both my purpose in life and passion in my profession. Since I persisted to discover my authentic self and purpose throughout this journey, I ultimately discovered them. I must say it was a very sweet worthy journey for me to go through... Meanwhile, I know that I’m not alone and thank those who supported me all this while. 

I was encouraged to take this brave and bold venture into social media at my late forties. From content writer’s blog, I then compile all my written articles into books before I turn it into my business in articles writing, training and speaking.

Thereafter, life is better than it has ever been for me. I will forever be grateful for what those kind people did for me in getting me to act on my desires. I must admit that IT IS POWERFUL!”

With the powerful tool of leveraging on others’ resources, I have enhanced my productivity many folds. To-date, I have self-published seven ebooks at various online platforms. These seven ebooks advertised for me; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 or 366 days a year. This has enhanced my visibility online.

I also published more than a dozen articles in various magazines off-line to reach out to my niche targets. Thanks to those publishers who have placed their confidence and trust on me.

Now my inner voice is getting louder and clearer not only to myself, but also to external parties... As a result, I was allowed to conduct my self-developed training modules at various professional institutes and business club.

Inadvertently my name spread farther together with my networking, I was invited for interviews and public speaking with much greater impact and influence. I keep moving forward freely, fearlessly and fiercely as I have access to more new doors. We are certain that by doing recorded interview and public speaking; we can effectively reach out to more people at much faster speed. Thanks to the brilliant ideas from our collaborative partners.

My mission is to help people to achieve sustainable value creation. This is because I believe everyone has greatness in oneself. The question is whether the person believes in it and is courageous enough to claim it. Hence, this phrase becomes my tagline and trademark.  What other potential you see from it? We are more than happy to take your idea further.

Fortunately, this good thing does not stop here. Currently, I am working to finish my eighth books, Financial Literacy for Financial Independence, Freedom and Richness apart from exploring other possibilities to get my ebook publish in hard copy.

As a wise saying goes, to know about the road ahead, ask those who returned back. With this, I strongly believe that I would able to teach, touch and transform the lives of people through my books, seminar, courses and personal coaching. This is because I was touched and transformed by books, seminar and courses I attended.

To accelerate our journey in the 21st century, we need to leverage on more pro-active collaboration, more creative initiatives and more innovation than usual to advocate under our 6Ps ( Purpose, Profit, Performance, Process, People and Planet)

Therefore, it is appropriate for me to walk my talk and lead by example. We are the living proof of the 6Ps we advocate and I need to pay back what is due from me to the society I have been benefiting from.

In the near future, we will strive towards building up our influences and impacts to outreach our stakeholders by spreading our wings to wider our boundaries. In strengthening our Belief, we need to overcome more Barriers and cross Borders before we can become what we should be. (5Bs)

It has been long since we landed on internet shores. We are what we are today because of our untiring efforts and energy in achieving sustainable value creation. What we know is energy flows where intention goes. This is how we tap into both our internal and external energy to stay above the storms, just like an eagle. We are also fully aware that there is long way for us to go, yes it is going to be a long way ahead.

As such, I urge your guidance and support to drive us closer to my destiny. Meanwhile, we will intensify our research and improve ourselves in every aspect of our life in term of health, wealth, happiness, relationship etc.

Let us know what are the possible means that we have yet to explore? To express our sincere thanks to your kind effort, we shall give you your choice of one of our ebooks as a token of our appreciation. 

Thank you and looking forward to hearing, collaborating and exploring from you,

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