Sunday, 8 November 2015


“Many people don’t know how powerful they can be. It is all because we have different beliefs about everything. But these beliefs are only true if you actually believe them.” James Oh.

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision and, after turning it over in your mind for a long time, you realise it is late, to you decide to “sleep on it”? And then what happened?
One subconscious mind actually contains the seeds of success for every area of our lives, because it has the ability to achieve stunning results in any task you set for it. In fact, you might already have used a tiny part of this amazing power.

An important part of harnessing that power you have is to continue learning. Reading this article is one way of learning. Trust this article will assist you to grow your wealth even if you work for someone else.

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one, who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” Albert Einstein.

To achieve wealth effortlessly, you need to harness the infinite powers of the universe to unleash your unlimited power. How it relates to wealth creation? Every great daytime dreamer begins with a dream. His inner strength, patience and passion will make his dream into a reality. Similarly, it applies to growing your wealth exponentially.

It is important to understand that our inner being managed many essential functions while our outer-self focus on the experience of life in the external world through our five senses. That’s how our purpose in the physical realm of consciousness expands our awareness into heart-centered consciousness and beyond.

This holistic and integrated approach will carry with it an enormous power to create any reality that we truly need in order to realize our potential in life.

Our inner being’s field of perception and influence will reach out to include many functions and abilities which are mostly dormant in the daily consciousness of the outer self. This makes us intuitively aware of situations which enable us to see deeper beneath any surface appearances by connection to Infinite Being.

By connection to the universe as a whole, you will have the answer to anything which you seek to solve. Just imagine having access to all these abilities. With them, you could continuously discover and express more of your true potential in life.


Do you believe that we were born for greatness? If you believe so, then it makes lots of sense to find who you really are. Thus you will find it easier to dig much deeper into our inner level to be reawakened.

When you are only having thoughts for the true intended purpose, your inner being will then know clearly how to act on and in what direction. That is why; you need to work at something, train your mind to focus, be conscious and you will start producing results.

You will then begin harnessing the powers of the universe to help you fulfill that request. Ultimately you will explosively speed up the results of everything in tandem with your core values.
So, let your inner self knows what you want help with. Once it is done, you will skyrocket your results in any area of your life you ask help for, from your inner self. This is because you flow with the universe instead of against it. As such, the flow will always lead you to the direction you want.


How many of us have identified and embarked on what matters most to us? I am deeply grateful to those kind souls and people for helping me take this brave and bold action many decades ago. Now, it has formed part of me.

It is so appropriate for me to pass it back to others before I leave this planet. That's the main intention why I started to share my views through my blogs, books and articles both on line and offline.
Amazingly, this blessing did not end there. It drives me to expand further into my training programmes at unbelieveable rate. Best of all, it comes effortlessly. This endures me from all the pains and suffering I may have undergone had I chosen otherwise.

As such, allow me to reiterate and reaffirm the following:-
1) How to identify the areas of your life that matter most to you? What is important to an individual varies from person to person. Your beliefs will determine your actions.
2) How to zero-in on those "important areas" and take action towards change? You need to know what you really are and what you want to be.
3) Daily habits that transform your resolution into your new and improved lifestyle. Your habit is formed from your daily actions taken which are governed by your thoughts. Here, you need to learn, unlearn and relearn which I will deal with it much deeper at the later stage.


“Acceptance serves as a bridge between the mind and the heart.”Panache Desa.

Without acceptance, hearts will be fighting within. Once, you step out of judgment into acceptance, you begin to perceive the beauty that is always around you.

By doing so, you are able to see more opportunities once you attain your peace. You can also adapt much easier to the uncomfortable or unknown zone, as precisely described by Winston Churchill.  “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that’s barks.”


If your requests are in line with fulfilling your life purpose, you will achieve results with minimal effort. Otherwise, all the struggle, effort and work you can imagine will not produce lasting results.
No surprise that it has been said that "if you are doing what you love, and what you were truly meant to do, you will never work a day in your life."

I must attest the accuracy of this statement because I never treat my profession as work per se instead I treat it like playing a winning chess game and it steers me to think of better ways to get things done.
However, you will never get there unless you begin the journey. And the sooner you start, the sooner you will be doing what you love.If you are making money in a way that is fulfilling your purpose, you can make as much as you want. Thus, you need to do lots of balancing of all these core beliefs and values especially with the dynamic world we are living in.


Growing from "inside out" basically forms your inner belief, strong mindset that follows your inner voice. Aligning, balancing and harmonizing your inner desires with the external outcome of wealth will help you ride on the tide of the wave.

Thus, you will follow the flow to achieve your external outcome of wealth effortlessly. It may sound ironic yet it is the truth; at the same time you will savour every moment of your life and enjoy the beauty of the gifts from the Highest Being. You may call it "law of attraction" or “money magnet” or whatever label you may know.

It is basically functions just like aligning our cars' wheels, tires and drive according to the make of the car so as to give you superior performance. To grow your wealth exponentially, you have to do similarly alignment between your mind, heart and habits.

Understanding your inner self deeply requires a high level of introspection and self-awareness. It is the process of discovery which will never end- it is a life-long journey.

At all times, we must live in a state where we are always in full control no matter what condition we are in. To live in the state of non-judgment and non-resistance is to live as it is. That is life.
The safest and surest way to accelerate the growth of your wealth is to utilize the power of your inner being for your greatest benefits.

It goes without saying that a man’s world is the projection of his mind. When his mind is weak, he sees problem. When his mind is balance, he sees challenge. When his mind is strong, he sees opportunity.

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