Monday, 30 November 2015


Unexpectedly my little uplifting and upgrading effort in my bathroom and wet kitchen turn out to be better in terms of energy and ideas flows from everyone in this little humble hut.

Guess what present my family members give me recently? The idea of home preservation and protection, i.e. spend to save. That triggers me to pay attention on the maintenance around my home, especially in my local environment which is very prone to extreme heat and humid weather. Thus a sturdy strong home not only can give protection, but also give everyone peace of mind. Hence reduce larger maintenance costs in the future. Similarly in wealth building, you need to take pro-active measures to preserve and protect your wealth.

This project was led by eldest son who is about to complete his Masters in Architecture end of 2017. After my serious consideration of their ideas attached with the photos, I am very reluctant to decline as I do not want to kill their noble ideas and good intention of caring for the home. They relieve me from all these little tasks which I may overlook at time.

Moreover, this idea serves as my best gift from their labour of love, which he finally dragged the rests of the family for their comments. Since this turn out to be a general consensus from the family members, I have therefore proceeded to approve this project. 

What really matters most to me is they have applied the idea of preservation of wealth as I always advocated .Ha-ha!! Now I can safely welcome them as my strategic partners in value creation.

See how their ideas transform this dull house into a lively and lovely sweet home. What say you? How would you handle it if you put yourself in my shoe?

The colours proposed to me are totally out from my initial expectation as I thought all white will never go along. After listening to my eldest son’s lecture of colour matching, he finally convinced me with the above two photos together with other consideration I have taken into account.

I can’t believe my eyes and am very pleased with the outcome; I ended up sourcing the required paint over the weekend and took advantage of the promotion period by the Nippon paints in Super Ceramic Shop, where you can obtain all your building materials at a one stop centre. 

Wow! What triple bonuses for me during the month of November 2015. I not only receive a great idea, knowledge and also the discount I enjoyed from the paint. Best still, I have at least chipped in to stimulate the economy despite a small one, in line with the saying, there is nothing too little to a great mind. 

One thing is certain that I rather to go back to the shop where its promoters are friendly, cooperative and helpful.

However, if I spend less than the threshold of two thousand eight hundred, I need to collect the items myself. Otherwise, they will provide free delivery services which truly give an added value to its customers in term of satisfaction and convenience.  Good strategy!   

Thanks again to the founder who has such a vision to make our lives better in term of accessibility and convenience.

Please feel free to comment if any area needs further improvement. What do you think of their workmanship? What say you about the lining my son proposed to me? Does the house really stands out and give you a lifted up effect?

What I can say is that it is truly a new refreshing and rewarding experience for making our environment more cheerful and enlightening.

Here, I welcome any other consideration which I may miss out.

Attach below are the three screens for your viewing, considering and commenting.

Before it has gone forever

 Proposed photo:-

After the painting

Some of you may notice that I didn’t paint the roof tiles as proposed? This is because I wanted to make full use of my resources. Secondly, my contractor has given me an excellent idea not to spend money on those 20 years old roof tiles. This prompted me to ask how long is the life span of the roof tiles especially in our tropical environment.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,


James Oh

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