Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I had been busy the last month, November 2015 that brings me several milestones, which I will deliberate later. Though I have not achieved everything I want. I must say I earned some and learned some invaluable lessons. Both mean lots to me and I content with whatever results it turned out.
What matters most to me is to keep expanding my horizon in the month of December 2015 and beyond. In short, it is truly turns out to be another blessed month of December despite it is not a perfect month for me too. 

Fortunately, I keep moving forward fiercely, freely and fearlessly and make wise use of all my resources to reach next level of height. To live in an imperfect state is exactly the way I use to pitch. Mindful that I can give what I have but not what that is not in my possession.

One thing that is certain is I was truly having a fascinating interview experience with a local famous financial blogger cum expert. He is no other than KC Lau. He is a regular column writer for Money Compass, Smart Investor and other financial magazines. I can’t thank him enough for having such a kind initiative. He also recorded our interview, to be posted in our blogs. He also permits me to use it as my promotional tool for my book, Growing Your Wealth Exponentially. This book has been recently published at amazon with a limited time promotion. We hope you can spend time to listen to it so as to have a clearer direction where I am coming from before reading this book, which can give you informed and insightful information to generate your wealth exponentially.

This collaboration enables us to make easy access to each party’s followers and readers. Likewise I have said earlier we are very encouraged by such positive response from the private sector, public sector and the communities which saw great value in what we are doing.

By and large, they understood the impact and contribution, which we can make to our community and society and begin to see how we start to be great.

Please don’t forget to catch my latest article at Money Compass, Dec/ Jan 2016 issue. Let me know your feedback. You may post it at my blog at http://moneytellsstories.blogspot.com or directly to me at jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk. Your feedback is important for me to enhance myself so as to serve you better.

Lastly, I am also very excited for being invited to give a public talk on financial literacy to a group of nearly 80 people comprises of Secretaries in early  December, 2015. That’s truly gives us a good jump start.

Attach below is the brochure of my profile. Thanks to all the sponsors, event organizer and the participants for their kind support to make this event a success.

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Stay tune for more exciting news which are in the pipeline. Looking forward, I also explore more possibilities of getting my Ebooks out in hard-copy with new parties and I will make the announcements in due course. As some of you may be aware that I do what I share with you. At times, I do hold back some deals especially if the deal is not what I want. Let's face it and accept whatever outcome that turns out.

Keep moving forward fiercely, freely and fearlessly is my style. There is only one month more to go before 2015 comes to an end. Let's always make the present year the best ever year in your life. Yeah! I busy talking to few parties to strike more deals for 2016 onwards so as to make another best year ahead.

As the saying, Activities lead to productive. Thanks to your kind supports that drive me deliver the desired outcome.

Lastly, thanks God for sustaining and maintaining me to be steadfast my journey toward my destination.

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