Saturday, 5 December 2015



We, at Money Tells Stories blog, believe that the best we can do is to bring an obligation to support and promote a sustainable future in all that we do. As a jointly custodians of tomorrow, we believe that it is our duty to act now by making the following commitments to ensure a Sustainable Future:-

For our people:
We commit to do our utmost best to create and nurture workplaces and working cultures where our people flourish.

For our communities:
We commit to be responsible global citizens by making major positive contributions to the communities that we work and live in.

For our planet:
We commit to constantly minimise by reducing the ecological impact that we create and safeguard the environment that we all share.

For future generations:
We commit to pass on our values and long term aspirations to future generations.
In order to create a sustainable future, where our work lives on, we urge all our blog’s readers to take responsibility for the future of our children 

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