Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Create Long Lasting Change & Peak Performance

As an effective Value Creation Trainer; I have incorporated Transformation into our training programs to make our training more complete. As such, I have taken the step closer to our intention to groom people and corporations to overcome their mental conditions and self-imposed limitations to achieve sustainable value creation. 

With his personal and professional experience in turning adversities into opportunities since his childhood, James has been equipped with all the necessary skills, mind-sets and proven techniques doing what he is really passionate about...namely helping people achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.

Making a difference by shifting mind-sets and uplifting people are his trade mark. He has worked his way from scratch and knows that it is a long way ahead. Click at the link, at

These skill sets are specifically geared towards leading a team to produce results within a business environment. Some of the skills I use:

1. Empowering others to unleash their hidden potential to achieve their goals regardless of their current status and background.
2. Turning any adversity into opportunity by giving its effect the appropriate interpretation.
3. Recognizing deeper issues (Beliefs, Core Values, Mental Shifting etc.) behind the problems in their case.
4.  Using appropriate tools to induce necessary changes in behaviour, internal representations (thought) and language patterns, strategies and emotional states
5. Recognizing in-depth knowledge and understanding how people project their external experience from their internal realities.
6. Communicating mastery and rapport skills to convey what needs to change in such a way that they get it on both the Conscious (5%) and Subconscious (95%) levels, thereby making the change deeply rooted in their behaviour and long-lasting effect.

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