Sunday, 6 December 2015


He is a chartered Accountant with a Law degree.  A financial specialist in value creation since 1980, he has been working under the most arduous situations. However, he is able to produce "impossible to believe" outcomes.

He had helped the founder of a private limited company to grow organically into a publicly listed company and turn around the company and weathered through the Asian Financial Crisis in 1986-7 before James went to work in a newly Singaporean Listed Company. He successfully obtained a banking loan for the erection of its own building within his first year of service. His inner voice was overwhelming after he had vetted through the short and long term celebrity’s contract.

Finally, he came back into his first venture in the internet shore in 1998, he was amongst the few experienced oldies who took a brave and bold initiative in what appears to be an irresponsible decision at that time. He still considered himself to be fortunate in the sense that the online business he sees today is many times different from what it was then. Being one of the first few entrepreneurs to venture there, he of course was looked upon very oddly by the many people around him then.

He was approached by someone who expressed his interest to acquire his blog a year after his new venture. You can imagine how much the blog was worth to him at that time. If you need to start a new blog, you will need to start from scrap, consider what name should be chosen and how to draw the traffic to your blog and so on.

Maybe due to his friendly and helpful character, he managed to make many friends over the globe. he was fortunate enough to be introduced to a few authors and experienced marketers. Soon after his blog got its first break when he was awarded an award and honour prior to his Certified Profession Trainer license from .M.P.M.A, UK and Train The Trainers license from MPSB (Malaysia). The rest is history.

His timing seems to be right again as at that time he started to publish his books and book reviews online before he took it further as an articles writer, conducting courses through various professional institutes and business club. And so this time it was much easier to get connected with the publishers and finally get his articles published in the multiple media such as Smart Investor, Financial First and Money Compass. 

As his name and articles spreads, he was then invited to interview from our renowned local financial expert cum blogger. He is none other than Mr. KC Lau. Thereafter, he was also invited to give a public talk on his latest book, Financial Literacy for Financial Independence, Freedom and Richness apart from his other ventures of getting his books published in hard copy. Now, James ultimately makes his dream of becoming a public speaker a reality. He is a living proof of sustainable value creation which he preached, setting himself apart from the rest of the trainers and speakers.

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