Monday, 7 December 2015


Financial Freedom is like a Football Game.
Aim to win and be financially free early and by the first half of the match.
In other words, by 30 years old.

The second half of the game will get harder.
You may become physically weaker and have lesser desire, commitment, confidence and grit.
The game ends when you reach 50 years old.

After 50 years old, you will be playing on extra time.
The heat will be on. Pressures will mount up.

At 55, the extra time is up.
If you have not won the financial freedom game, you may not even get a chance to win by a penalty shoot-out.
It may be too late.
Someone may have to look after you until the end of your life.
There may be tears of regret over lost time and a wasted life.

My dear friend, the game is on.
Start scoring your financial goals now before the final whistle. Game over.

Hope the above metaphor help you ascertain clearly where your current status 

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