Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Course Introduction

Do you have any difficulty in diagnosing financial statements without losing sight of the big picture? If you do, then this course is suitable for you.

Rapidly changing business landscape has created a proliferation of global trading risks and costs, compounded by competition. Thus, invisible ingredients such as Purpose, Profit, Performance, People, Process and Planet become more evident and important.

There is a need to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses from its financial statements so as to ascertain its 6Ps (Purpose, Process, Performance, Profit, People and Planet) with much certainty.

The starting point is to have deep understanding of the connectivity between each component of financial statements at a much deeper level before you can look beyond to ascertain its potential, the pitfalls and strategies with much certainty.

Learning Outcomes

Simplest, practical and effective ways to analyse both the fundamentals and key functional aspects of the company;

Thorough understanding on how to build a strong financial foundation by focusing on those key ingredients;

Identify both its key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;

Fundamental and functional aspects of financial statements;

Alert to the external changes and respond appropriately to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability;

Craft own strategic path and plan respectively based on its own strengths and weaknesses;

Able to detect opportunities and the challenges of its current financial performance and position together with its insightful information;

Course Director

James Oh is a self-driven professional and entrepreneur who have established an excellent track record by building his training and consulting business from scratch. His many talents combined with his creativity and strong mind-set, has helped to grow the business from strength to strength. He is well known for his strong leadership skills, resourcefulness, building trust and developing quality relationships. 

He works toward win-win solutions and work well with his business associates, strategic partners and clients with understanding and an eagerness to excel. He built a team and business from scratch and running Money Tells Stories successfully and profitably for the past 5 years. He walks his talk; which set him apart from the other trainers and speakers. He has self-published 8 eBooks in achieving sustainable value creation.

Strengthening Belief, Overcoming Barriers and Crossing Borders had been his motto to drive him to be what he destined to Be a trainer, author and speaker in APAC region. He strongly believes that for one to achieve a dream of his passion, one must first define his or her Vision and be willing to overcome all odds and cross over. From his personal and professional experience, he found the real barriers to achieve a Dream or Vision is in his mind.

James is also a prolific author, trainer, consultant and speaker. He has been regularly featured in multi- media such as Smart Investor, Financial First, Money Compass and many other online media. James has regularly conducted his courses with the local professional institutes and business club.
For more information about his services, please email him at: jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk or visit his website at: http://moneytellsstories.blogspot.com. 

Specialties: Value Creation, Financial Literacy, Mind Changing for executive level and above, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing.

Who Should Attend?

Non-financial managers, executives, Team leaders, Supervisors and any personnel who are involved in enhancing value creation from the point of supplies to deliveries.

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