Monday, 2 November 2015


Thoughts are things. As I strongly believe that October is going to be another awesome month from the beginning of the month and it truly turned into a reality.
As such, I can’t thank the organiser and all the participants to make my recent workshop, Looking Beyond the Financial Statements - Investor’s Perspective II held on Oct 22, 2015, a success. I also write to extend my heartfelt thanks to Miss Cici, who was willing to join me as facilitator to ensure smooth running of the entire workshop.
Thanks again to the organizer who has placed so much confidence in me by given me this opportunity to extend the coverage of my existing course. My course, part II, basically covers the qualitative insight which is far more important than quantitative aspects, as far as I am concerned.
With this comprehensive coverage of both quantitative and qualitative aspects; I trust most people will be able to see the entire big picture of the entire investment process. What is more important is the ability to recognise and realise the importance of the entire process in order to achieve sustainable value creation.
Though investment is not an easy task as many thought, but it is a skill everyone can master if you start doing things right in the first place. The great news is that Investing is a learnable skill. Step by step, moment by moment, you will slowly and surely unleash your potential to achieve sustainable value creation you desire.
With this, I have managed to create my new record of having 3 accredited programmes with SIDC in a year. However, I must say that the journey is sweet and memorable ones. I truly enjoy every turn of the entire journey. I must say that the support and engagement from the participants truly drive me to share more and much deeper insightful information with the participants which I have accumulated from my nearly 30 years in the corporate world. Moreover, I can easily relate to the principles found in the real case studies, and with my guidance, a larger magnitude of people will be able to pick up all these crucial points with ease. Henceforth reading financial statements will not be a boring task, but more inclined to discovery task as the readers are able to shift their mind-set accordingly.

This skill will help us to be more ready to face today’s super- fast changing environment even to the extent of entering into new unknown territory. By equipping ourselves with the appropriate investment skill and mind-set, we will feel more comfortable to confront and conquer it with ease.

Therefore, we are not only able stay in control of our emotions, but also able to master our mind much better. By having a strong mind-set, the chances of seeing much more opportunities is definitely much higher. Investment is just like any other game. To win big, we need to stay calm and be in control at all times no matters what. 

I am deeply grateful to all those awesome people for willingly sharing their insights and ideas, views and opinions openly to benefit all parties. They had also enriched me at the same time. Mindful that I must possess more so as enable me to give as I can’t give what I don’t have.  To achieve the sustainable value creation as our main objective, we need to press on to improve self- development in every aspect.

Last but not least let us continuously work together to make a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow begin from now,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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