Sunday, 29 November 2015


Have you ever wanted to get more out of your life? There is nothing wrong to get more by helping others achieve what they want.

To take your relationships to a much deeper and more fulfilling level is to land your dream and start following your true path!

It’s said there are no coincidences in life, it always happen for a reason. You’re reading these post now, it’s because deep inside you, you know you’re meant to do more with your life.
Perhaps you have a dream or a cause to support. A higher sense of purpose you want to fulfill. No worries, you’re not alone. Most people feel this way. The major problem is that most people dare not use their courage to try reaching their goals and dreams. They fear to fail. That’s why most of us do not even try.

Instead, we find excuses or justification. You might say, “I am too old” or “I don’t have time” or whatever reason best known to you. That’s precisely what happens to most of us. The issue is how you can keep raising vibrations into a powerful daily habit.

You may have heard about James Oh. You may relate him to 3Bs (Blog, Book and Business). In fact, his three integrated components are to serve people globally with the following intention to groom people to achieve sustainable value creation. To do so, you require energy. Everything is energy.Energy best flow where intention goes.

He has built his business to help people to achieve such effect; you may label him as "Social Entrepreneurs" or “Value Entrepreneurs” or “Entrepreneurs”. Whatever the label used is not important. What matters most is its true meaning. Entrepreneurship is not what title or position you hold. It is rather given to the deserved doer who tries to accomplish his or her intended purpose which was initially created.

Essentially, the term entrepreneurs simply mean who use their businesses to "meet society needs or add value in the chain from supply to delivery" in the world.These groups of people are primarily looking to achieve 5Is which is summed up this formula for Long Lasting Wealth!

Long Lasting Wealth = Intention x Impact x Influence x Income x Inspiration

Intention = the life's purpose 
Influence = how you create the change for the betterment.
Impact = the positive difference you make in the world
Income = the abundance you create in people’s life
Inspiration = your self-inspiration to do those activities you love that are congruent with your high core value (long lasting effect)

Below is the list of resources you can used to help you achieve your goals

#1: Mindset Shift from Employee to Entrepreneur (the "inner game “of success as an entrepreneur is the single most important skill to master)
#2: Better Than The Best (so as to have much faster and greater influence)
#3: Chess King To Purposeful Life (To plan and prepare for larger and heavier responsibilities)
#5:  Financial Literacy and Wisdom For Financial independence, Freedom and Richness
# 6:  Looking Beyond Financial Statements
# 7:  Looking Beyond Financial Statements – An Investor’s Perspective
# 8:  Let Go and Move On

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