Friday, 29 January 2016


Very blessed day, everyone.

Time flies, this is the second time I am invited to attend FPAM annual luncheon talks and networking, just a few weeks away from Chinese New Year.

It's really a blessing to meet so many new people in this function. It is really a small world that I have met up with numerous familiar friends there. As usual, we managed to catch up with each other at this meaningful function.

In this connection, I write to express my thanks to the FPAM for inviting me to celebrate its annual luncheon function together with its sponsors, key speakers and financial players from various industries. Hope this will help to enhance our relationships further, better and deeper.

This celebration also made me proud to be there for being able to continuously play my new role as a trainer in the financial industry, apart from allowing me to network with others from other financial sectors. Mindful that networking is your net worth. Trust this is just the beginning of our collaboration and we will grow closer in the many good years to come. Who knows we all can collectively work together to prosper the financial industry further by blessing larger magnitude of people. So, never underestimate the power of networking.

Use your precious time to view those photos taken at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, Taman Tun area. Wow! I really enjoyed myself there.

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Let us support each other professionally and personally so as to progress collectively.

Thanks to our strategic partners who have helped us achieve what we believe in. There is still a long journey ahead and we will continue to work toward our desired destination.

If you are keen to attend our workshop on specialized financial literacy, wealth and mindset, please email to

We are more than happy to contact you and making your dream happens is our mission and helping people to unleash their invisible wealth is our passion.

Thank you and wishing you have a great fruitful day,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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