Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The picture below, aptly describes exactly what I saw from my daughter’s ballet dancing journey and similar to what I had gone through when writing my blogs, 8 books and training programmes specializing in value creation.

1)      Accumulated at least 10,000 hours (I have lost count) in isolation writing, practicing and meditating daily, without much social activity. Whatever label you used, be it the Law of Accumulation, Attraction, or Abundance. All are still applicable here in today’s world. What you are today is the accumulation of every effort, work and thing you do. In short, you reap what you sow.

2)      During the last 7 years, I had begun to build blogs, books and business in writing and training. At times, I had to minimize all of my expenditures which include cutting my social activities, travelling and entertainment to a very minimum level.

3)      However, for the last one year, I have conducted several training programs in other states in Malaysia to outreach larger magnitude of people so that they too benefited from these courses. Consequently, more doors are opened to me. Fortunately, I still enjoy my journey despite I felt worn out at times, but I was determined as I felt that I was on a race to finish where my journey start. Yes I must admit I was worn out, with some bruises and scars along the way. Yet I find it was worth all my effort, sweat and energy.

4)      “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end and this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.”Winston S. Churchill. Stay on and explore more invisible, so that you too can achieve what you thought not possible. In line with the dance what my daughter had choreographed in her former school, Chung Hwa Independence High School, recently. See the photo below.

5)      I was so touched and inspired by it which describes life as struggling journey. The powerful message - “it’s never too late to realize what’s important in your life and fight for it.” I was caught by surprise by this dance.

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