Friday, 8 January 2016


Dear Friends, Followers and Fans,

Thanks everyone for your kind support and encouragement that enables me to have a great kick start for January 2016 to yet another awesome month for me. As usual, my article will be featured in the Money Compass and Financial First. You may also find us at profile

My flagship book, Looking beyond Financial Statements – Third Edition was also recently published in Smash words and just in time to be kicked off with my next course on this topic on 5th Mar, 2016 in Ipoh. See what an awesome month of January brings to me; blessings after blessings and I pray that you too will receive much more blessings from Above. 

See my first and invaluable gift of 2016 from another great author, Kelvin Kiew. Attach below please find the front and back page of his physical book that I have recently received in my first visit to his office, Eurogain, at JalanTasik Selatan 3.

Wow! Best Jalan (Path) for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs; sounds awesome with the tagline that we are all born entrepreneurs. This book serves as an eye-opener to the actual behind-the-scene of entrepreneurial world for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It also invites us to challenge ourselves whether we believe this statement or not. I must say that there is no coincidence and I consciously chose to believe the accuracy of the statement as I have also written a book of a similar nature before. Mindset Shift: Employee to Entrepreneur is the title of my book. It immediately ignites my flame working towards who I intent to be, in line with the saying, energy flows where intention goes.

The above event took place when a mutual friend, brought me to meet up with Kelvin It is a small world and he is another seasoned entrepreneur with solid 20 good years of experience. It was very timely as I was approached by a contact overseas in pursuit of this new field. 

Last but not least, I write to record my sincere thanks to him for giving me such a great book which discuss 5 best paths for entrepreneurs with much in-depth provoking thoughts.

This book is not only informative, but the readers will have much deeper understanding of the secrets of making any business successful especially in today’s fast changing and fluid world of government, business and community service. I have been so fortunate to have access to this book.

Stay tune for more exciting stories ahead. I can sense much more blessings coming along and I shall report to you guys as usual, from time to time.

Let us work together to make 2016 another awesome year. Please feel free to contact me at should you have any ideas to explore further.

Another great session with Daryl Wong for his inspiring sharing of what to make a successful trainer, at the Horizon, Bangsar South City, KL. A new and fantastic location for a good year ahead!!!

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