Saturday, 23 January 2016


Very awesome day to everyone!

Big HELLO!!! Thanks you again for dropping by in this MONEY TELLS STORIES blog! It's really cool to meet so many new impacting, influencing and inspiring people along our writing journey. Admittedly, social networking is truly exciting, entertaining and enriching as it enables us to share our experience, know-how and gifted talents in any field so easily by just a few clicks. Thanks to technology for the blessing and benefiting larger magnitude of people and peers beyond boundaries speedily become a reality.

Now, it is a known fact that there are so many kind people who are always ready to give you your required support in any way. So, take your courage to tap into and take full advantage of the available opportunity to bless the community you are living in. Let us feel the ripple effect of our kind work and efforts and let it keep spreading.

In this context, I am deeply delighted to express my gratitude to the MAICSA magazine for republishing one of my articles on wealth in its Corporate Voice Journal, Jul to Sept 2015 issue. This has enabled me to enter into corporates’ world with new capacity as a writer to serve our corporate community. 

With this platform, it will accelerate my writing journey into the corporate world and share my experience and know-how with its readers from all over the industries, a step closer to enlarge my clientele base. What matters most to me is to serve a larger community with my gifted talents specializing in value creation. Thus, I can’t thank MAICSA enough for making my dream a step closer to be who I supposed to be.

Now, it is my pay-back time to benefit others by enriching them with my nearly 30 good and solid years’ of my personal and professional experiences. My track record includes growing together with the founder of the company he worked with and get it listed on the KLSE and turned the company around when it was badly hit by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1986-7. My main intention is to stimulate the readers to craft their own ingenious paths to cope well with the current Uncertain, Volatile, Changing and Ambiguous situation and to provoke additional thoughts and actionable plans.

Trust this collaboration will prosper us in many ways so as to bless larger magnitude of people along our journey with this collectively vertical combination of our resources and networks in strengthening each others.  

So, to know more insightful information, please grab a copy of it and find out on your own. You may do so by click at this link, please furnish us your feedback. Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our quality so as to serve you better. You can either post your comment just below this post or send it to Thanks you in advance for your kind participation and care.

Let us help each other professionally and personally, in one untied force, so as to progress collectively. Turning dreams into realities is our mission. Never underestimate the power of dream especially the daytime dreams. It serves as fuel to the flame driving and directing us to accomplish our goals.

We are committed to upgrade every aspect we can afford in your best interest. This is because you are the one who help us to accomplish who we are today. Thank you!

You may also take a tour at my newly consolidated blog, at to know more comprehensively of what we are doing. Feel free to drop by and please share with your contacts if you find it useful and what is far important is that everyone can be benefited at the end of the day. Let our love of labour spread among our circles. Sharing is caring.

If you are keen to attend our workshop on specialized financial literacy, wealth and mindset, please email to

We are more than happy to contact you and making your dream happens is our mission and helping people to unleash their invisible wealth is our passion.

Thank you and wishing you have a great fruitful day,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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