Sunday, 3 April 2016


“Customers cannot be expected to pay for waste, nor can a customer be paid very much for producing waste.” Henry Ford
We help corporations to develop a culture of continuous improvement for all their financial functions. Our Lean Value Creation Framework uses the proven lean principles and practices to help companies optimize processes,  and increase the amount of time spent on value add activities from the customers' perspective.
1.     Eliminate Waste.   Work with the process team to remove waste and improve the process.

2.     Measure Key Processes Metrics.  To improve a process, you need to measure and track the key variables.

3.     Focus on What matters most.   Which processes has the most significant impact to your operation ?

4.     Improve Communication. Successful Lean Process Improvement requires that all team members be on the same page. .

5.     Pursuit in Perfection. To cultivate a Culture of Continuous Improvement in every aspect. 

Contact us at to learn more about how our Financial Effectiveness Framework and Lean Value Creation Framework can help you to improve financial processes, become more efficient, and create additional value for both your organization and customers.

James Oh

Lean Finance Officer

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