“There’s always a best way of doing everything.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
One of the most important things in developing right mind-set is to stay open. To transform any idea into reality that will build the world you want to live in. “How can I engaged in this activity?” will be my new mantra. To achieve profound results, we need to embrace wealth mind-set. We can discover the best way by relearning, researching and repeating. 
What matters most to you is the one which gives you value. Develop new ways or approaches that uncover those blind spots. Here, you are figuring out how and where the resources are available for you to unearth new opportunities. You may perhaps gain wholeness in yourself. Integral awareness takes in information from all levels; mind, body and spirit. No resistance, no expectation, no judgment, but allow nature to take its course. Slowly and surely connect to the universe before you are able to remove your previous ideas of who you are .Unlearning is also learning. You may call it deprograming. In other words, one must begin by emptying the cup of its contents before it can turn it into pure ones, exactly advocated by Bruce Lee. “By emptying my cup, I am making room for new experiences in my life instead of allowing myself to repeat toxic patterns.”

This effortless process makes you less attached to the end results and you will truly enjoy it. Amazing!  By unlearning, I managed to turn my original anxiety-driven approach into a sense of freedom to do what I love. Thus I am learning how to bring together disparate elements and fuse them into a polished diamond. I replaced fear with faith. Naturally, I am opening up to explore fearlessly all possibilities. 
By relearning this new relevant skill, I am no longer so concerned with the person I wanted to be. Instead I discovered my true self as a result of unlearning. I finally managed to remove what no longer serves me. I drain out my fear, doubt, anger and frustration over things I can’t change. I welcome the new me and look forward to live my life to its fullest.
What is my point here? Similarly, this unlearning process is also very helpful in growing your finances explosively. This is because it opens up your mind to grasp new possibilities arising from assumed knowledge. No surprise that Jack Uldrich makes the compelling case that unlearning will be the most critical skill for conquering the brave, new world of the 21st century. Otherwise, we will be the prisoner of our old and obsolete thinking.
You may wonder why? This is because what you do know is more likely to kill you than what you don’t know.  The most dangerous sentence is “I know it.” My mind will instantly shut off any other possibilities. Playing it safe is the riskiest thing we can do. Playing safe may stop us from venturing into new activities. Imperfection trumps perfection. At least drive us to take action no matter what. Through this relearning, I am able to demolish preconceptions one after the other so that this stronghold will not hold me back. I must admit that it makes me more versatile and help me to cope well with any unexpected changes. Consciously, you may even turn adversities into opportunities in growing your wealth exponentially.
Nothing is constant but change, so is financial success. Research into the best way of doing everything is not an option if you truly do not want to leave your financial success to chances. Appropriate response need to be taken for your maximum progress in every aspect you seek. We need to do everything within your power to keep you focused on where you are heading, obtain the best advice and continually remind yourself of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realise your financial dreams. Research seems to be the viable and surest way of ensuring you are charting the appropriate course, your best interests and you are always supported by your best trusted team standing with you to build and preserve your real long term financial success.
In today’s uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous world, we need to do far more research to stay relevant and obtain the best yields of your investment by appropriately placing your resources in the best possible position while leveraging on other resources from your network to obtain the maximum optimal results. We can’t afford to miss the vast opportunities and expose ourselves to the high risks that are associated with the rapidly changing world.
Maximizing returns whilst minimizing risks are through proper researches and investment into ventures that can realise our true financial success. Don’t forget the frequent changes in regulation and invest climate.
Through researches, you will not miss out any possibility to accelerate your journey of financial success especially those next big items. Moreover, it will enhance your knowledge and skill to be wiser in line with the saying, “wealth is the slave of a wise man; the master of a fool.” Seneca (5 BC-65 AD). To stay alert of all the mega and key trends, you need to conduct adequate researches on those new fields.
Repeating is the key to mastery of any skill. An-in-depth understanding of your needs and goals regular reviews will in turn allow you to build your own personalised financial path that truly integrates your personal desires, objectives and resources over the stages. You need to repeatedly review your plans, needs and objectives. With disciplined intelligent investing, you will not indulge into any emotional speculation.
You may also duplicate these proven processes into other areas to accelerate its fruition within a much shorter speed.  
With the deep understanding of these three fundamental processes and practices, you are able to gain wholeness of your true self by constantly aligning the external situation with your mind and heart so as to accelerate your wealth to its optimum level. By then, fear will not have any effect to you. You are free to fly high without any strings attached. To achieve financial success and live a rich, fulfilling life, proper planning, practices and preparation will take you to the place where you want to go. We have shown you the way and you need to put into practice to reap its fruit. It does not matter where you start, it matters most that you finish strong and well.