Tuesday, 5 April 2016



Very awesome day to everyone!

Thanks you again for dropping by in this inspiring and uplifting blog! It's really a blessing to meet so many kind people from travel and lifestyle industry here. It reaffirms that social networking is truly exciting, entertaining and enriching as it enables us to share our traveling experience, knowledge and thoughts in any new field with a few clicks again. No matters how insignificant you think, yet it is able to bless and benefit others beyond boundaries. Energy flows where intention goes. Intention is far important than any other form.

Again it well reinforces my point that there are so many kind people out there that are always ready to extend their supports to you no matters what. What are waiting for? Just take your courage to tap into and take full advantage of the available opportunity to bless the community you are living in. Mindful that thousand miles journey begin with first step. Dream, explore and act is the way to reap what you sow.

In this connection, I write to express my sincere thanks to the FlyMe 360 for taking the initiative by inviting me to write for their esteemed magazine which made me inspired by their initiative. I basically can’t decline their invitation despite this is new field for me. To give result rather than reason, I accepted and proceed to share some of my real life experience with others so that they too can pick out something useful from it.  

With this platform, I am also able to leverage its strength to reach out to public readers who like traveling as their leisure and hobbies in line with my mission to cross borders and boundaries. I can’t thank its team enough for allowing me to share some of my traveling experience and thoughts. Trust this is just the beginning of our collaboration and I hope I find more collaborators along my writing journey at the same time making their dream materialised. Who knows we all can collectively collaborate with my other strategic partners to take our venture into greater height of success. Never underestimate the power of dream.

To know more insightful information of my traveling experience, please grab a copy of it and find out on your own. You can rest assured the benefit you gain will be many folds than its cost.Please don’t forget to give us your feedback. I must say traveling is a healthy way to enrich and widen your perspective. There is so much the world can offer. Use your precious time to indulge into something that you wouldn’t regret at later stage. Never too late to realise what’s important in your life is what I had just learned from my daughter. 

Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our quality so as to serve you better. You can either post your comment just below this post or send it to jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks you in advance for your kind participation and care.

Let us help each other professionally and personally so as to progress collectively.

We are committed to upgrade every aspect we can afford in your best interest. Because of you, we are able to grow and achieve to what we are today. Thank you!

For your information, I also consolidate all my stuff at jamesoh2003.blogspot.com for your easy and timely update. Feel free to drop by and please share with your contacts if you find it useful and hope you enjoy reading the work of our labours. Sharing is caring.

If you are keen to attend our workshop on specialized Financial literacy, wealth and mindset, please email to jamesoh2003@yahoo.co.uk.

We are more than happy to contact you and making your dream happens is our mission and helping people to unleash their invisible wealth is our passion.

Thank you and wishing you have a great fruitful day,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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