Friday, 1 April 2016


What You Can Safely Obtain From This Workshop

In today’s uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous world, CEOs and their management teams are more involved in formulating their own strategic plans and paths to accelerate company growth, innovation and prosperity. However, recent Deloitte survey shown more than 75% of senior executives have found it challenging to effectively develop, direct and deliver such sustainable growth strategies.

This comprehensive yet interactive 2-day program is specially designed for those senior executives who aspire to formulate their company’s own uniquely crafted powerful innovative growth strategy to that effect.  

Led by James Oh, Lean Financial Petitioner, this paradigm-changing workshop will provide you with refreshing perspectives on how to effectively execute such strategies that is aligned with your company’s purpose. By identifying and eliminate those wastes, you will learn how to embrace and anticipate changes, evolve and adapt your business strategy to foster faster growth, profitability and sustenance through innovation. You will also discover how to build an organization that keeps learning, adapting and growing over time so that you can execute faster and better to build a long lasting competitive edge. You will also embark on a personal transformational journey that will re-define your leadership capabilities daily, build a dedicated and committed team that can help you materialize your vision.

Packed with real-life practices, principles and interactive discussion sessions, this program will impart you with the required practicable know-how and insight on how to formulate such effective strategic plans that will create a new level of success and scale for your organization 

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