Friday, 29 April 2016


It is an undeniable fact that reflection is an imperative tool to ascertain whether we are heading the way we desired. Where have I spent those memorable areas that drove and mould me the way I wanted? I then realized that I have spent nearly 30 years in Selangor where I received my higher learning and built my professional career here.  I had moved out from my hometown, Penang, which was known as the Pearl of the Orient at one time.

This island gave me many sweet memories, it is where I received my early education; earned many life lessons and earned my early living. Imagine spending almost twenty years there. Now, I am able to link back the missing dots clearly why I was put there to build my foundation together with my chess mentor and many friends who had touched my life before I migrated to Selangor. 

In between the thirty years spent in Selangor, I also spent slightly more than a year both in KL and Sabah respectively in my early professional career where I was given much heavier roles and responsibilities as a branch accountant. There, I was basically in charge of three projects spreading from Kinabatangan, Labuan and Lahad Datu.  I never expected to have a chance to travel back to Sabah and Sarawak last year when I was conducting my training at both places. It is truly a real refreshing, sweet and long lasting memory. To enrich my life experience, I never expected to be able to work almost a year in Singapore during my late forties. Another great stop where I was exposed to entertainment and movies industry which inspire me to pursue and plot my celebrity path as a trainer, speaker, author and entrepreneur journey where my life just begin afresh in my late forties. Now, things are even clearer as time passes and I am working closer to my ultimate dream. Thanks to those supporters who have relentlessly supported me.

I then discovered my life purpose and I never regret my new discovered journey. Day in and day out, I keep pursuing towards my dream effortlessly. What I can say is that I am truly enjoying my new found work which I have passion for. At the time of writing, I had self-published 8 eBooks specializing in value creation. I have been widely and regularly featured in numerous local magazines and journals which I can significantly contribute back to the community which I had benefited from.

I also self-developed numerous training programs based on my real personal and professional experience. I had conducted the programs through numerous professional institutions and internal business club where I shared my insight experience with those who attended my courses. Now I have been contacted to serve as associate trainer overseas,

Thanks to my previous employers for their support in sending me to various seminars and workshop both local and overseas and equipping me well with all the relevant skills, know-how and mind set. It had helped me discharged my jobs up-to their satisfaction.  I also recalled when the time I was being sent to Europe for almost a month to pick out my initial aviation knowledge there.  Thereafter, I was being sent annually to negotiate with the world leading insurance, reinsurance and financial leaders for better and finer terms and rates for our fleet of aircrafts. My exposure in these areas was priceless in the sense that I always used my creative way to make many unexpected highly profitable deals for my organization at that time. I must confess that I felt that I never worked a day in my profession as I enjoyed using all my know how to structure the deal to the best I could. I truly benefited from the travel I made and the people I met from all overall the world. I spent almost two weeks in US where I met up with the aviation maintenance providers and aviation suppliers to standardise our parts programs. That also significantly drove me to overcome all odds to get the company listed on the KLSE market despite it was rejected three times consecutively. We fought hard with numerous nightmares but we endured through this painful journey. We made it at last.

This truly made my imagination run wild where we had even went through unexpected means to structure our financial and insurance deals at the best possible rates and terms for the aviation company I worked for. All these deals saved millions of dollars for the company. In another instance, I had worked with my colleagues to remove the debenture from the first banker which funded our aircraft.

The seed which I planted did not stop there.  I even followed suit by spending almost a month in Australia in conjunction with my eldest son convocation and spreading my books and training program to several institutions there. Seeds were sowed and now waiting for the seed to grow and hopefully I am able to reap some fruits at the end of the year. I am going to celebrate my eldest son’s post graduate convocation. Of course, I am more than happy to make my dream happen. My second son and my youngest daughter were also inspired and they are working to complete their A levels before pursuing their individual dreams. I must say leadership is contagious and I never expected that they can do far more than me.

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