Thursday, 3 September 2015



In my preceding post, I have updated you on my new offer as an Associate Trainer with the number one preferred private education institute in Singapore. This reaffirm that my voice is being heard and I must be thankful to those organizations which place their confidence and trust on me in grooming people, developing integrated thinking to achieve sustainable value creation with much greater impact.

I value all our strategic partners who are willing to leverage on our strengths in achieving our collective objectives. Such a healthy collaboration will definitely accelerate the growth of our ventures. To achieve such profound result, we need to take massive actionable plans, massive innovations and massive initiatives in this aspect as our priorities in view of the harms and damages we have done to our beloved planet, as Mare Benioff, Chairman and CEO of states, "it is my job to take our initiatives for positive social change and invite all of our partners and consumers to participate in making it bigger and, ultimately, more impactful."

As the saying goes, energy flows where intention goes. I must now direct all my energy towards achieving sustainable value creation in serving our communities and planet. With this, I urge more parties to join us in achieving this noble goal. Time is against us and we need to act fast and massive to reverse the damages we have done.

On our article publication side, there is another positive development too. Apart from our financial article that is going to be published in Financial First, Volume 2, 2015, another leading financial magazine will feature us in their magazine effective from Oct, 2015.This will add in another strategic partner under our belts. Read our article at financial-1st-magazine Vol 2 2015

Last but not least, I write to register my sincere thanks to you awesome parties for making me feel my efforts worthwhile and trust we will enjoy the rewards collectively. Again your unwavering support is greatly appreciated.

With this, I wish every party have another great success for this challenging year of 2015.

Please let us know should you need any of our services. We believe in making other dreams happen so as to materialize ours.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you change your business to become everything you want it to be.

Thank you,

James Oh

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