Sunday, 20 September 2015


Who wants to take the ride from the economic waves? May I ask again who seriously wants to do so? Have you ever seen an eagle soaring powerfully above the storm while the other birds find their shelters?
Have you ever asked why the other birds cannot do so? What is Mother Nature trying to tell us? It illustrates the point that everything is our teacher if we humble ourselves and are curious to find out the reason behind. Every problem has its solution. There are basically two things no individual can do. First, the things the individual haven’t thought of.  Secondly, things you haven’t tried. Hope I have made my point crystal clear.
The eagle’s mission is to conquer and be unwavering in their pursuit for survival, leadership and supremacy. This resemblance of this majestic dominating force in the sky has affirmed that the applied knowledge is power.
The eagle is independent in nature; master in rewiring its young in surpassing its own limits. Fortunately, I was put in a situation where I need to struggle to be independent at a young age. I am not content to steadily go through and try to do something different to get what I want.  Naturally, I follow my natural instinct to do like the eagle perfects – soar to much greater heights no matter what. At the late stage of my life, I finally let my inner voice  lead me instead of my mind. Slowly and surely I managed to master my mind, i.e. to tame my critics and be the master of my mind. I realized that I was the slave of my mind and finally managed to set myself free and take control of my heart and soul.
Similarly, eagle is taught to respect and honor the law of nature at its very young age. Through its natural intuition, it understands what’s required to survive and accept the truth that it has to confront and conquer life no matter what. Its parents will have to give their young a first push from their nets to build their confidence of being able to fly at high ground, very different from other birds. They master their skill as they grow so as to lay a strong foundation for a solitary life, giving them the required courage to seek for new challenges and strive for dominance.

This courage that empower eagle to pursue prey 10 times of its size; eagle have faith that it can snap anything accurately whenever they set its sights on, even with super-fast speed. It welcomes challenge and always set its own limits. If there’s a storm ahead, it escalates speed at higher altitude, rise above the storm and use its winds to soar effortlessly to its destination. Again, all these are guided by own intuition, or commonly known as GPS.

The simplicity of the eagle’s existence brings a sense of clarity in life. Many times in our lives, we need to behave like eagle to overcome barriers, cross borders and be destined. The courage and unwavering persistence of an eagle is worthily praised. Like us, it approaches new circumstances with a sense of wonder yet determination. Even the smallest thing such as navigating an alternative route to its home would give it a feeling of immense satisfaction, in line with the saying, “To a great mind, nothing is too little.” Unlike these magnificent creatures, most mankind tend to shelter in their comfort zone.

Most of us hardly challenge ourselves daily even if our courage and confidence is not yet far developed. Ask ourselves honestly, are we going to be eagle? Alternatively be turkey instead. Choice is ours? Nothing wrong, if you chose not to be eagle, my friend. Don’t complain being turkey. You just can’t enjoy the beauty of both sides. You reap what you sow.
Equipped with the ‘eagle eye’, you can visualize further than a normal human being. This is because an eagle’s vision is the strongest in the animal kingdom. With eyesight 4 to 8 times stronger than the average human, an eagle can spot a rabbit just over 3 km away. Say” wow! Best still the degree of clarity and focus is fundamental to eagle’s survival all the time.
In this sense, whatever we are in pursuit of – food, shelter, success; a commitment is needed. For those who strive to achieve the sustainable value creation, really need to develop the required skill, like an eagle, need to take the courage to challenge the norm and explore new heights.

Embraced with different personalities, cultures and beliefs, we may not want to be eagles. However it does not bar us to adopt the eagles’ characteristics in certain parts of our life. For instance, you may be comfortable living in the same house you have lived in for whatever reason best known to you. But you may be wished to be different in your profession, health or wealth! You need to evolve in to ‘eagle’ mode to address those areas you are not happy with and move forward fearlessly, fiercely and freely to greater heights.

Whether you want the best at something or just want to develop from where you’ve been; soaring like an eagle will be different for everyone. Put simply it is challenging and stressing your own personal threshold. For me, it has always been in my DNA to strive for my utmost best at anything I have committed. I just don’t want to settle for less. Day in and day out, I will continue to redefine my thinking and seek for the best possibilities to enhance my skill in every aspect, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. Through hard work, will power and determination I was afforded every opportunity to become who I am destined to be. From employee mindset, I shifted my mindset to be entrepreneur and grow my existing venture exponentially. In this manner, I could steer my own ship to my own destination using strategy and vision as my guide. I can then take full responsibility for what I love to do, with much greater freedom and challenges. Looking forward, I closely collaborate with my strategic partners in pursuing much rewarding and fulfilling life.
Take the time to make honest assessment where you need to unleash your potential? Which aspects of your life could be challenged? Life is a journey and it is up to you how high you soar, where you are heading and ultimately where is your final destination.


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