Friday, 18 September 2015

How to achieve Sustainable Value Creation

James Oh made waves for himself when he became one of the fastest rising leading financial specialists in helping people achieve sustainable value creation.

He is no stranger in the financial literacy world as he has actively contributed greatly in articles and books writing in this field. His works has frequently appeared in top local financial leading magazines namely First Finance, Smart Magazines and Journal of Wealth Management & Financial Planning.

To help larger magnitude of people to benefit from it, he also developed and conducted several training programs to that effect with several professional institutes. These financial and mind changing programs are intended to provide a crystal clear framework on how to ignite, energise and accelerate CHANGE in achieving the sustainable value creation.

These courses come timely to reverse the damage we have done for the planet. The incremental change may not be adequate in view of the severity of the challenges globally in term of inequality of income distribution, pollution and imbalance of the ecology.

Just looking around the planet and make an honest assessment as to how much damage we have done to our beloved planet all these years? It is time we know we have crossed all bounds of decency and we have hurt the planet and its people. Can we still live with pretentions that everyone is in good care?

With his rich, diversified and vast experience in transformation, James thinks that the common mistakes humans make that destroys wealth creation instead of creating it can be a quite a few. However, the top 4 are:

4 Common Mistakes Humans Make:

1. Underestimate ourselves. Blindly abide the rules without questioning on its validity. No matter how good the rules as it sounds, appearance is not adequate. Substance is far more important than form.

2. Rules keeping changing without any solid reason behind. No check and balance to that effect that bring justice and peace.

3. Abide by the rules no matter what value it embraces.

4. No clue as what to do to improve the situation.

Those who always make the common mistakes are those who create followers, instead of empowering people to lead and embrace integrated thinking in improving the present situation. We need to engage with people and employ unthinkable ways and innovations to make things happen for the better.

Yes, it's highly possible by embracing new refine ways of getting better things done. 

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