Saturday, 12 September 2015


The event in Sarawak is over... for more than 2 weeks...but the memory still remains vividly clear in my mind.

Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) has been a part of my life, if not one of the most unforgettable and mesmerizing memories of mine. This is because; I have been growing from day one with them.

I still remembered how the entire conversation started 1 year ago, when Cliff Tan from FPAM told me that my self-developed training program has been accredited by Security Commission. What a day! I was so flattered when the assignment was confirmed. Who was I? I was just a newbie in the training industry, and this was my first few assignments ever! But I was so blessed to be granted with this opportunity.

The event started, so did my challenge. I am a very finance conscious person since my young days and it has been embedded in my DNA. I am a dude who began to manage my financial affairs independently since my teenage years and I have developed my finance mindset then. 

I must say that I treasure the opportunity so much, no matters what I need to get my job done, I will always try my utmost best to accomplish it. That is at an acceptable level at least, if not great. I overcome barriers, I strengthen my belief, I push my boundaries, I cross borders and at the end, I will be what I destined to be. The entire process affirms the saying, "energy flows where intention goes." So long as you direct all your energy and stay focus of making things, that you have intended, happens one by one. This is the proven tip I like to share with you.

2015, it's my 2nd year with FPAM now, and it will become an event that I look forward to obtain more accredited financial programs from the Security Commission every year. I have managed to obtain 2 accredited CPE courses so far with this esteemed organization. I am deeply grateful with their patience and forgiveness. Thanks for their tolerance, thanks for their dedication and also thanks for the opportunity year after year.

Now, I can even take up overseas assignment and my dream to be a regional trainer specializing in achieving sustainable value creation after I have completed 7 books in this field. That will brand me as specialist in the niche to groom people in achieving value creation as pay back to what this esteemed organization has done for me. 

Lesson to learn: nothing is impossible, just chant "I'm Possible”!

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To your great success,

James Oh

Chief Value Creation Officer

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