Wednesday, 30 September 2015


“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the thing you fear.” Brian Tracy.  

Those who know me long enough will agree that I was introvert person and never will deliver any speech or publish any article in the public. However, throughout the years, I have been keeping to do thing I fear. Finally, I managed to build my muscle to even overcome the no 1 most fear according to the American’s statistics. As such, I do hope we will encourage each other to overcome our fear, one by one, for our mutual benefits.  

With this, I write to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the Money Compass for publishing and featuring my article in its  October, 2015 Special Edition.

I must say it helped me to stretch out my boundary into publishing my financial-related knowledge into another magazine to reach out its readers. This has helped me to build much stronger foundation to move to higher level of success.

With this massive collaboration with my existing and new strategic partners, follow by massive initiatives and massive innovations to move ourselves to another level of height by focusing of developing our core competency to be a leading specialist in achieving sustainable value creation.
I don’t mind to share with you that I unknowingly subscribed to this recipe to progress my business to what I am today. No doubts, it is still a long journey to go, but one thing is certain is that we will constantly develop our new capability to serve the new market and under-served market.

We believe that by stay focused of doing what we do best using our gifted talents and experience to serve people around the globe so as to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability by setting a good role model.

This is our best practice that every time we accomplish a project or get a compliment for a contribution we have made to the world, we will take a moment to let it sink in our hearts. Allow satisfaction and fulfillment to enter our hearts. It will then continue to energise us to take up another bigger task. That’s how the momentum will build up.

One thing we are very sure is having massive actions and innovations to have much greater impact. This is also in line with our belief that we must pay back to the society where we have been benefiting from.

To play a larger role with much greater impact, we will actively participate in what is the next big thing in our fields. Where are the opportunities right now and the highlights we should look out for in the near future regardless of what is our situation?

We must be in control at all times no matter what. Always direct our energies in the area of our focus. Slowly and surely we will achieve what we desired.  

Please help us to spread around if you find it inspiring. By doing so, we are able to serve with larger magnitude of people. Hope you too can begin to imagine the immense nuggets of gold waiting for you.

To your success,

James Oh
Chief Value Creation

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