Thursday, 17 September 2015



Our mindset can be a garden or weeds depending on what we sow.

How many of us truly want to learn and grow our mindset? Ask ourselves honestly who will care if we don’t?

I acknowledge that I too have made many mistakes in my life. One thing for sure is that I learned excellent lessons from those mistakes if I admit them. No doubt, I realize that it is too hard to admit it at times, due to whatever reason best to the doer. However, fortunately my conscious mind encourage me to accept appropriately so as to avoid huge price for denying.. Just imagine if I keep repeating it, what will happen to me. Of course, needless to say that it will form part of me and rust inside me, just like iron.

It is very convenient to blame others and you find reason to justify it in line with the saying “justify the unjust”. This is because our powerful mind will search for reason for us to do so. I must admit at times I do acknowledge that I have blamed others before. I become wise as time goes on. My action always speaks for itself.

Therefore, it is rather wise to take full responsibility, even if it is our own mistake. Once you admit it, you will learn and grow to be a better person. Otherwise, how can we expect our mind to expand and grow? Once it grows, it will never revert back to its initial form. No point to grow in age, but not by our minds. To be master of your mind is within your reach. Mindful that the invisible is far more important than visible especially in today’s fast changing world.

It demands us to learn and grow if you truly seek progress and achieve sustainable growth. We need to take ownership of our own initiative, learned and deliver result.

Be fearful of being stagnant, but not your mistakes. No one is perfect. Let's continue to learn, enjoy and grow with time, if you desire to set yourself free. Even though we,at times, make some mistakes. No big deal. Admit, learn and grow with it. That’s life and we are supposed to live with imperfections and enjoy every beauty of imperfection. Look at things positively. Be bold and strong to admit your mistake if you want to do great favor for yourself.

What we know today is just a tip of an iceberg. That translate into the truth that what we don’t know is far much more than what we know. Therefore, chances for us to make mistake are relatively higher than for not making mistakes even if we based on knowledge of what we have.

By passing remark or comment or judgement based on so little that we know is dangerous. What we need to do is to accept thing as it is without prejudice or pre judgement. This is because any incident is very much depended on the viewer to give interpretation to it. Bear in mind that the media, at times, may broadcast incident which may be very misleading, so read it with discretion and objectivity.

Happy day, my friends!

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