Wednesday, 30 September 2015


“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the thing you fear.” Brian Tracy.  

Those who know me long enough will agree that I was introvert person and never will deliver any speech or publish any article in the public. However, throughout the years, I have been keeping to do thing I fear. Finally, I managed to build my muscle to even overcome the no 1 most fear according to the American’s statistics. As such, I do hope we will encourage each other to overcome our fear, one by one, for our mutual benefits.  

With this, I write to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the Money Compass for publishing and featuring my article in its  October, 2015 Special Edition.

I must say it helped me to stretch out my boundary into publishing my financial-related knowledge into another magazine to reach out its readers. This has helped me to build much stronger foundation to move to higher level of success.

With this massive collaboration with my existing and new strategic partners, follow by massive initiatives and massive innovations to move ourselves to another level of height by focusing of developing our core competency to be a leading specialist in achieving sustainable value creation.
I don’t mind to share with you that I unknowingly subscribed to this recipe to progress my business to what I am today. No doubts, it is still a long journey to go, but one thing is certain is that we will constantly develop our new capability to serve the new market and under-served market.

We believe that by stay focused of doing what we do best using our gifted talents and experience to serve people around the globe so as to achieve sustainable business growth and profitability by setting a good role model.

This is our best practice that every time we accomplish a project or get a compliment for a contribution we have made to the world, we will take a moment to let it sink in our hearts. Allow satisfaction and fulfillment to enter our hearts. It will then continue to energise us to take up another bigger task. That’s how the momentum will build up.

One thing we are very sure is having massive actions and innovations to have much greater impact. This is also in line with our belief that we must pay back to the society where we have been benefiting from.

To play a larger role with much greater impact, we will actively participate in what is the next big thing in our fields. Where are the opportunities right now and the highlights we should look out for in the near future regardless of what is our situation?

We must be in control at all times no matter what. Always direct our energies in the area of our focus. Slowly and surely we will achieve what we desired.  

Please help us to spread around if you find it inspiring. By doing so, we are able to serve with larger magnitude of people. Hope you too can begin to imagine the immense nuggets of gold waiting for you.

To your success,

James Oh
Chief Value Creation

Saturday, 26 September 2015




Tuesday, 22 September 2015





                                                           EDUCATE WITH OPEN MIND

Monday, 21 September 2015


James Oh BAC (Hons), LLB (Hons), CA (M), CPT (MPMA-UK), TTT (PSMB)

James is a specialist in value creation. He had intensively studied, researched and actively written in the fields of financial literacy, mindset and wealth.

James’ mission is to groom people to embrace integrated thinking to achieve sustainable value creation. He had used his multi talents to provide solutions to many challenges faced by his employers, clients and himself. James is a positive thinker and will help anyone who wants to fulfill their dreams He successfully used 80:20 rules in line with its strategic plan at each stage successfully during his 30 years of professional experience.

James is also a very talented person who had used his determination to qualify both as a professional accountant as well as a law graduate. He had written several books to help readers improve themselves and create sustainable values in their respective fields. His passion is now to provide insights of his knowledge and experience through his popular courses. James is a great trainer and had trained hundreds of people in the field of finance, mindset development, wealth and value creation.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Who wants to take the ride from the economic waves? May I ask again who seriously wants to do so? Have you ever seen an eagle soaring powerfully above the storm while the other birds find their shelters?
Have you ever asked why the other birds cannot do so? What is Mother Nature trying to tell us? It illustrates the point that everything is our teacher if we humble ourselves and are curious to find out the reason behind. Every problem has its solution. There are basically two things no individual can do. First, the things the individual haven’t thought of.  Secondly, things you haven’t tried. Hope I have made my point crystal clear.
The eagle’s mission is to conquer and be unwavering in their pursuit for survival, leadership and supremacy. This resemblance of this majestic dominating force in the sky has affirmed that the applied knowledge is power.
The eagle is independent in nature; master in rewiring its young in surpassing its own limits. Fortunately, I was put in a situation where I need to struggle to be independent at a young age. I am not content to steadily go through and try to do something different to get what I want.  Naturally, I follow my natural instinct to do like the eagle perfects – soar to much greater heights no matter what. At the late stage of my life, I finally let my inner voice  lead me instead of my mind. Slowly and surely I managed to master my mind, i.e. to tame my critics and be the master of my mind. I realized that I was the slave of my mind and finally managed to set myself free and take control of my heart and soul.
Similarly, eagle is taught to respect and honor the law of nature at its very young age. Through its natural intuition, it understands what’s required to survive and accept the truth that it has to confront and conquer life no matter what. Its parents will have to give their young a first push from their nets to build their confidence of being able to fly at high ground, very different from other birds. They master their skill as they grow so as to lay a strong foundation for a solitary life, giving them the required courage to seek for new challenges and strive for dominance.

This courage that empower eagle to pursue prey 10 times of its size; eagle have faith that it can snap anything accurately whenever they set its sights on, even with super-fast speed. It welcomes challenge and always set its own limits. If there’s a storm ahead, it escalates speed at higher altitude, rise above the storm and use its winds to soar effortlessly to its destination. Again, all these are guided by own intuition, or commonly known as GPS.

The simplicity of the eagle’s existence brings a sense of clarity in life. Many times in our lives, we need to behave like eagle to overcome barriers, cross borders and be destined. The courage and unwavering persistence of an eagle is worthily praised. Like us, it approaches new circumstances with a sense of wonder yet determination. Even the smallest thing such as navigating an alternative route to its home would give it a feeling of immense satisfaction, in line with the saying, “To a great mind, nothing is too little.” Unlike these magnificent creatures, most mankind tend to shelter in their comfort zone.

Most of us hardly challenge ourselves daily even if our courage and confidence is not yet far developed. Ask ourselves honestly, are we going to be eagle? Alternatively be turkey instead. Choice is ours? Nothing wrong, if you chose not to be eagle, my friend. Don’t complain being turkey. You just can’t enjoy the beauty of both sides. You reap what you sow.
Equipped with the ‘eagle eye’, you can visualize further than a normal human being. This is because an eagle’s vision is the strongest in the animal kingdom. With eyesight 4 to 8 times stronger than the average human, an eagle can spot a rabbit just over 3 km away. Say” wow! Best still the degree of clarity and focus is fundamental to eagle’s survival all the time.
In this sense, whatever we are in pursuit of – food, shelter, success; a commitment is needed. For those who strive to achieve the sustainable value creation, really need to develop the required skill, like an eagle, need to take the courage to challenge the norm and explore new heights.

Embraced with different personalities, cultures and beliefs, we may not want to be eagles. However it does not bar us to adopt the eagles’ characteristics in certain parts of our life. For instance, you may be comfortable living in the same house you have lived in for whatever reason best known to you. But you may be wished to be different in your profession, health or wealth! You need to evolve in to ‘eagle’ mode to address those areas you are not happy with and move forward fearlessly, fiercely and freely to greater heights.

Whether you want the best at something or just want to develop from where you’ve been; soaring like an eagle will be different for everyone. Put simply it is challenging and stressing your own personal threshold. For me, it has always been in my DNA to strive for my utmost best at anything I have committed. I just don’t want to settle for less. Day in and day out, I will continue to redefine my thinking and seek for the best possibilities to enhance my skill in every aspect, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. Through hard work, will power and determination I was afforded every opportunity to become who I am destined to be. From employee mindset, I shifted my mindset to be entrepreneur and grow my existing venture exponentially. In this manner, I could steer my own ship to my own destination using strategy and vision as my guide. I can then take full responsibility for what I love to do, with much greater freedom and challenges. Looking forward, I closely collaborate with my strategic partners in pursuing much rewarding and fulfilling life.
Take the time to make honest assessment where you need to unleash your potential? Which aspects of your life could be challenged? Life is a journey and it is up to you how high you soar, where you are heading and ultimately where is your final destination.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Friday, 18 September 2015

How to achieve Sustainable Value Creation

James Oh made waves for himself when he became one of the fastest rising leading financial specialists in helping people achieve sustainable value creation.

He is no stranger in the financial literacy world as he has actively contributed greatly in articles and books writing in this field. His works has frequently appeared in top local financial leading magazines namely First Finance, Smart Magazines and Journal of Wealth Management & Financial Planning.

To help larger magnitude of people to benefit from it, he also developed and conducted several training programs to that effect with several professional institutes. These financial and mind changing programs are intended to provide a crystal clear framework on how to ignite, energise and accelerate CHANGE in achieving the sustainable value creation.

These courses come timely to reverse the damage we have done for the planet. The incremental change may not be adequate in view of the severity of the challenges globally in term of inequality of income distribution, pollution and imbalance of the ecology.

Just looking around the planet and make an honest assessment as to how much damage we have done to our beloved planet all these years? It is time we know we have crossed all bounds of decency and we have hurt the planet and its people. Can we still live with pretentions that everyone is in good care?

With his rich, diversified and vast experience in transformation, James thinks that the common mistakes humans make that destroys wealth creation instead of creating it can be a quite a few. However, the top 4 are:

4 Common Mistakes Humans Make:

1. Underestimate ourselves. Blindly abide the rules without questioning on its validity. No matter how good the rules as it sounds, appearance is not adequate. Substance is far more important than form.

2. Rules keeping changing without any solid reason behind. No check and balance to that effect that bring justice and peace.

3. Abide by the rules no matter what value it embraces.

4. No clue as what to do to improve the situation.

Those who always make the common mistakes are those who create followers, instead of empowering people to lead and embrace integrated thinking in improving the present situation. We need to engage with people and employ unthinkable ways and innovations to make things happen for the better.

Yes, it's highly possible by embracing new refine ways of getting better things done. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015



Our mindset can be a garden or weeds depending on what we sow.

How many of us truly want to learn and grow our mindset? Ask ourselves honestly who will care if we don’t?

I acknowledge that I too have made many mistakes in my life. One thing for sure is that I learned excellent lessons from those mistakes if I admit them. No doubt, I realize that it is too hard to admit it at times, due to whatever reason best to the doer. However, fortunately my conscious mind encourage me to accept appropriately so as to avoid huge price for denying.. Just imagine if I keep repeating it, what will happen to me. Of course, needless to say that it will form part of me and rust inside me, just like iron.

It is very convenient to blame others and you find reason to justify it in line with the saying “justify the unjust”. This is because our powerful mind will search for reason for us to do so. I must admit at times I do acknowledge that I have blamed others before. I become wise as time goes on. My action always speaks for itself.

Therefore, it is rather wise to take full responsibility, even if it is our own mistake. Once you admit it, you will learn and grow to be a better person. Otherwise, how can we expect our mind to expand and grow? Once it grows, it will never revert back to its initial form. No point to grow in age, but not by our minds. To be master of your mind is within your reach. Mindful that the invisible is far more important than visible especially in today’s fast changing world.

It demands us to learn and grow if you truly seek progress and achieve sustainable growth. We need to take ownership of our own initiative, learned and deliver result.

Be fearful of being stagnant, but not your mistakes. No one is perfect. Let's continue to learn, enjoy and grow with time, if you desire to set yourself free. Even though we,at times, make some mistakes. No big deal. Admit, learn and grow with it. That’s life and we are supposed to live with imperfections and enjoy every beauty of imperfection. Look at things positively. Be bold and strong to admit your mistake if you want to do great favor for yourself.

What we know today is just a tip of an iceberg. That translate into the truth that what we don’t know is far much more than what we know. Therefore, chances for us to make mistake are relatively higher than for not making mistakes even if we based on knowledge of what we have.

By passing remark or comment or judgement based on so little that we know is dangerous. What we need to do is to accept thing as it is without prejudice or pre judgement. This is because any incident is very much depended on the viewer to give interpretation to it. Bear in mind that the media, at times, may broadcast incident which may be very misleading, so read it with discretion and objectivity.

Happy day, my friends!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Prepare For The Financial Turbulence:
Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

Hi. This is James Oh. I am trained as a Chartered Accountant and I discovered my passion and niche, during my darken days when I lost both my life’s purpose and passion in my profession; in grooming people to develop integrated thinking in achieving sustainable value creation after  achieving numerous breakthrough in my life.What I learn from this lesson is that we are who we think. We can either be the master of our mind, or the slave of our mind.

Fortunately,I have a rich and diversified experience ranging from treasury, financial, secretarial, corporate finance, insurance and risk management. As one of the seniors and pioneer in a fast growing company, I was able to use my know how, knowledge, creativity and innovative mindset to craft the effective operational and strategic plans in helping the owner of the private limited company organically grow his company into a public listed company in 1996. We also managed to weather through the Asian Financial crisis in 1997-8 successfully. I have also demonstrated my capability by constantly focusing on continual improvement of key material areas (80:20 rules) in line with its strategic plan at each stage, Survival, Stable and Success stages successfully. The holistic approach I implemented was based on the Financial and Non-Financial framework in responding to the changes of the external environment at that material time.

I am blessed with strong Business Acumen and Financial Literacy, Analytical Abilities and Strategic Thinking by offering added value in New Solutions Building, Reviewing & Executing Successful Strategies to achieve many breakthroughs through my young age. I must say all these happened to strengthen me to embrace integrated thinking to do what I am destined to be. This is important for me to see every turn as opportunity and keep my progress by turning adversity into opportunity, as I have published my story from time to time.For those who know me long enough, they are able to see that embedded change is in my DNA.To master any skill, we need to put into practice, refine and reshape it in response to the external changes in order to achieve what we destined.
To capitalise my experience, I then develop several training programs and conduct them with numerous professional institutes locally apart from my normal consulting projects for various organizations.
                              BE EAGLE, MY FRIENDS

Yes, I love what I do and develop my training program based on my proven recipes, research and my past experience. My star product such as Looking beyond Financial Statements is well sought after in view of the current situation. As a result, global Economic and Business Outlook is always within my radar.

To seek the road ahead, ask those who has returned. So contact us should you have the desire to learn and become more prepared to overcome headwind. Then, I will be most pleased to coach and mentor you.

You may reach me at for non obligatory appointment.

Yours sincerely,

James Oh

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


You become what you repeatedly do, knowingly or unknowingly.




                                                   WIDEN YOUR POSSIBILITIES

                                                       REWIRE TO THINK DEEPLY

                                                     you are what you repeatedly do.

                                                        turn your mind into garden.

Great things are from inside out